GART- Gaming Art in Motion


GAMDIAS Almighty and Professional Gaming Gears

Gaming Art in Motion- Are You Ready


GAMDIAS, the professional gaming peripherals has been released since 2012, and it is ready to rock the gaming world this summer, 2013. The first three letters GAM stands for gaming art in motion, and DIAS is the Latin word for god. Therefore, GAMDIAS all together is the god of gaming. GAMDIAS is under Kworld Computer group, and it is established in 1999. Two of their well-known brands, Kworld and Kguard are the top 3 brands worldwide. Now GAMDIAS, with 100% confidence, is aiming to be the top 3 gaming brands globally.


In 2013 Computex Taipei, 4~8 June, GAMDIAS exhibits a variety of their innovative and powerful gaming products, from entry-level to high-end level. GAMDIAS provides diverse gaming gears to all types of gamers. Hence, there are abundant options of gaming peripherals for gamers to perform their highest efficiency while playing. Furthermore, four exclusive gaming gears are remarkably presented on the exhibition. ZEUS, the laser gaming mouse, HERMES, the gaming keyboard, Hephaestus, the gaming headset, and AEGIS, the headset holder and cable management with 4 USB ports are the most outstanding products of GAMDIAS. These four are the first inventions in the market that with high technology as well as GAMDIAS unique design.


ZEUS, the gaming mouse, has 11 macro keys with 9 of them are programmable. At the back, there are 5 mini weights, and each one is 4.5g for enhancing the control. One of the most outstanding features of ZEUS is the tool-less design for adjusting grip area. As three wheels are rotated, three side grips alter for different hand sizes. HERMES, the gaming keyboard, has 13 macros, which can be seen throughout the keyboard with striking back lighting. The most distinguished function of HERMES is that both left-handed and right-handed users can find the positioning of these macros very handy. What’s more, the magnetic palm rest, not only act as a rest but it can be instantly detached and become a dust protector. Hephaestus, the gaming headset with ergonomic design, provides comfortable padded headband and cushions on the ear cups. Hephaestus has two remarkable functions, surround vibration and cooling system. The built-in aluminum heat sink provides great ventilation to prolong the game play. Moreover, the microphone boom is fairly flexible so that it cab be bent in any directions for personalized usage.


With GAMDIAS, no matter an entry-level or professional gamer, you can experience the most enjoyable game play while soaring in PC gaming world. Five mice, laser and optical, two mechanical keyboards, three headsets and handy gaming accessories assist gamers with different hand sizes, various gaming types and dissimilar levels, to have comfortable and pleasant gaming experiences. If you want to be the god in the gaming world, just play with GAMDIAS, innovation and the best quality!