Press release of CSF, Fall 2013


New products launch


A New Powerful Gaming Gear Brand

GAMDIAS Draws the World’s Attention


After the summer 2013, GAMDIAS’ powerful and sophisticated gaming peripherals are in the market worldwide. GAMDIAS has caused a stir with tons of young people talking about its products on Youtube, various social networks, etc. The fame of GAMDIAS spreads out in a blink of an eye. In addition to creating great gaming gears with new and unique value, GAMDIAS takes to heart their mission to enrich people’s leisure lives through unique products and implement their motto: Gaming Art in Motion.


In China Sourcing Fair, Fall 2013, 12~15 Oct, GAMDIAS presents their ultra-new gaming products which are AGON, the gaming glove, NYX, the mouse mat, and spray painting of HERMES which is relatively eye-catching. AGON comes with elastic leather, permeable Lycra, and super fiber that make users rather comfortable when using it in a game play. What’s more, AGON has optimized wrist pad for reducing fatigue and numbness of hand. NYX, there are two types of NYX which are speed and control, and each type has different sizes. Regarding the spray painting of HERMES, it is the masterpiece of the world well-known spray painting master, TOSHIO LAI. Underworld Fire & Dawn Thunder are purely handcrafted painting with unique patterns. Limited Edition of HERMES spray painting will be released globally in 2014.


In the meantime, GAMDIAS is working with their partners throughout 35 countries around the world as well as sponsoring professional gaming teams. The famous gaming teams, ahq e-Sport club from Taiwan and Neolution from Thailand, are sponsored by GAMDIAS. These two teams are the world top 5 of League of Legend. Their captains said, “We play great games in the tournaments with GAMDIAS outstanding gaming gears. Thank you, GAMDIAS!” Furthermore, the sponsorship for two other teams from the USA and Europe are now in progress.


With GAMDIAS gaming gears, you can experience the most enjoyable game play while soaring in PC gaming world. If you want to be the god of gaming, just play with GAMDIAS, innovation and the best quality!