2013 GAMDIAS Christmas Press Release


HADES Laser & DEMETER Laser launch


If it isn’t GAMDIAS

How MERRY Can It Be?


Do you know what is the best gift from the Santa Clause this Christmas? Bingo! It is the new gaming mice from GAMDIAS. This Christmas GAMDIAS unleash two marvelous gaming mice, HADES Laser with 8200DPI & DEMETER Laser with 3600DPI.


For HADES Laser the innovative design and the shape of it fit all hands well no matter you have bigger or smaller hands, right or left hand. One of the exclusive features of HADES Lasr is 3 sets of magnetic interchangeable side panels which provide the perfect grip of it. It is also the one and only professional gaming mouse for left-handed users with smallest side panel placed at where your thumb sits, and the mifddle or the biggest one at your pinky. HADES Laser is an ideal for RTS and FPS players.


For DEMETER Laser it achieves high level of performance along with professional ergonomic designs, LED back-lights, and a perfection for any gripping styles most users have come to love. 3600DPI, 256K built-in memory, and 6 smart keys with 5 of them are programmable. So what else can you ask for with all these powerful features in an entry-level mouse? The amazing part for DEMETER Laser is all keys’ placement is just OP as the mosue itself.


The most powerful gaming gear from GAMDIAS will bring you the most pleasant gaming experience!