Top 5 keyboards prize winner in 2013


HERMES- The Keyboard Terminator


The most powerful gaming keyboard on earth- HERMES from GAMDIAS honourably won top 5 keyboards prize on FPS gaming website in Thailand. It is voted by the best FPS teams in Thailand after they had used the world top 105 gaming keyboards in 2013.


HERMES, the ultimate, elite, and gaming expert comes with patented innovation, GAMDIAS ELEMENT which is designed to increase typing speed by approximately 20%. It also dampens the clacking of the blue keys while increasing the overall depression speed of each key.


The most distinguished function of HERMES is that both left-handed and right-handed users can find the positioning of 6 macro keys along the bottom as well as two additional macros which can be found adjacent to the arrow keys very handy. What’s more, the magnetic wrist rest, not only act as a rest but it can be instantly detached and become a dust cover/ keyboard protector.


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