GAMDIAS Announce 8 New Top-Of-The-Line Gaming Peripherals


play3r – UK


This year at 2014 Computex, GAMDIAS presents its top-of-the-line gaming peripherals, 8 in total, which areEREBOS Laser/Optical gaming mouse, OUREA Laser/Optical gaming, ARES/ ARES Essential gaming keyboard, and EROS V2, HEBE V2 gaming headset. “We regard ourselves as a company for gamers, and we are a brand working with gamers. That’s where our new products will come from,” said by R.K., the brand director.


For EREBOS gaming mouse, you now have the freedom to adjust your gaming style by customizing the 3 sets of Ray-shaped, interchangeable magnetic side panels. A weight tuning system at the bottom enables you to personalize your gripping style. Thanks to OUREA symmetrical appearance, an ambidextrous design, and weight tuning system, it benefits any warriors out there. ARES gaming keyboard, 16.8 million color backlighting and 5-level of pulsating mode adjustments create a customized battle game scenario. Special grooves on the bottom for managing USB cable of mouse or headset easily. More intriguing is that with HERA, GAMDIAS’ exclusive software, you can assess gaming abilities and compete with other GAMDIAS gamers across the world. For EROS V2(USB) and HEBE V2(3.5mm), 50mm NdFeB drivers produces a 360⁰ surround sound experience. Fully compatible with PS4, and 2 types of connector can be used on smart devices or computers for wider applications.


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