Bringing CE Company GAMDIAS to Gamers Looking to Save Big, Play Hard


GAMDIAS, a Taiwan-based gaming gear manufacturer


By Wonacott Communications


After successfully breaking into Asian and European markets, GAMDIAS, a Taiwan-based gaming gear manufacturer, asked the Wonacott team to help introduce its new budget-friendly product lineup to the U.S. market. The company is known for making quality PC and gaming peripherals that aim for practicality and artistic design. With the summer season in full swing, the Wonacott team quickly hopped on board to formally announce their new summer lineup to help drive pre-orders and secure review coverage.


Being the new kid on the block can be a tough gig, especially when the popular kids have never heard of you! But this was no problem for the Wonacott team – kicking off our review program, we started our media outreach with the new Eros V2 headset. In a crowded market place (there are a lot of headset options for gamers) positioning is critical. We created messaging that the Eros V2 is quality gaming headset that won’t break your bank, and targeted core sites in the general gaming, MMORPG and gear/consumer tech communities, along with the niche geek enthusiast crowd. Using this strategy, we secured reviews across our target outlets including:, Game Front, GEEKSCAPE, IBT,, SLASH GEAR…


Additionally, we secured interest and are expecting coverage from several more outlets.


GAMDIAS is quickly rising with the popular crowd as hardcore and casual gamers can both agree on the price and value of their products. The whole team at Wonacott loves getting their game on with the Eros V2 and we can’t wait to see what new products GAMDIAS has in store!


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