Rule the Battlefield with Titanic Weapon


ARES Gaming Keyboard


This year, 2014 in September, gamers can find the world’s first membrane keyboard, ARES with 4-layer structure and quick attached wrist rest by magnet. Here at GAMDIAS, we strongly believe innovation plays a vital part of our success. The ability to still create gaming products that are unique and different in a crowded market is what drives us forward.


The likes of 9 additional macro keys that are situated ergonomically on the keyboard that are suitable for both left and right handed gamers. Furthermore, a rigid magnetic wrist-rest that also acts as a dust cover to prevent from accidental spill of food and drinks.


With amazing features of 16.8 million colors backlighting and 5-level of pulsating mode adjustments, ARES creates a personalized battle game scenario, and brings gamers the most exciting gaming atmosphere. Last but not least, consecutive attack mode, GAMDIAS logo-shaped grooves on the bottom, and all-key lock mode, you are now able to dominate in any battlefields.