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Enjoying Any types of Game
Two textures for gamers to fit their game plays, easily with a flip of the mouse mat. “Control” surface provides steady and precise move; “speed” surface makes your move faster and smoother.
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Wireless Charging Technology
Compatible with most smartphones that support "Qi" wireless charging.
100% natural rubber base with desk-slide resistant design for heavy mouse movement.
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Dazzling Setup
with 16.8 million customizable ultra-vibrant colors and 10 dazzling built-in lighting effects, makes your gaming setup the coolest among the gamers.
NYX P2 Overview
Having hard time finding the right mouse mat? NYX P2 gives you two alternative choices at the same time! Don’t bother yourself with different game styles, whatever games you play; NYX P2 always gives you the most fitting gaming experience.
  • 360 x 350 x 6 mm
  • RGB Customizable Streaming Lighting
  • Qi Wireless Charging Technology
  • Dual Side (Speed & Control)
  • Non-slip
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