HEBE V2 Stereo Gaming Headset top
Upgraded 50mm drivers
Powerful 50mm driver unit produces stunning audio clarity and staggering bass for immersive gaming experience.
1 HEBE V2 Stereo Gaming Headset
2 HEBE V2 Stereo Gaming Headset
Flexible Mic arm
Microphone arm can bend in any direction for personalized usage.
Extraordinary Comfort
Specially designed optimized earpads guarantees hours of comfort and isolates external noises.
3 HEBE V2 Stereo Gaming Headset
4 HEBE V2 Stereo Gaming Headset
Smart in-line Remote
Easily control the volumn and enable mute function during your gameplay.
Featherweight Headband
The featherweight HEBE V2s’ plush leather is specially designed for advanced comfy feeling for intensive gameplay!
5 HEBE V2 Stereo Gaming Headset
HEBE V2 Overview
“Better than this? Not likely...”
HEBE V2 features upgraded acoustic design which delivers absolutely transparent sound which allows users to enjoy an astonishing feast of music.
  • Upgraded GAMDIAS Acoustics 50mm drivers
  • Smart in-line Remote
  • Optimized Ear Pads
  • Flexible Mic arm
  • Featherweight Headband
Frequency Range
20 ~ 20KHz
108 dB + / - 3 dB at 1 kHz
32 Ohm + / - 15%
Driver Diameter
Driver Magnets
Microphone Size
6.0 * 2.7mm
Microphone Sensitivity
-58 + / - 3 dB
Cable Length
Plug Type
Gold-plated 3.5mm mic/audio plug
Extended Y cable length
Extended Y cable plug type
Gold-plated 3.5mm mic plug and audio plug
Dimension (L x W x H)
179.25 × 101.93 × 230.02 mm
Model No.


“Better than this? Not likely...”

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