• Gamdias Demeter E1 and Nyx E1 $20 Combo!

  • : 2016-12-17
  • :  STARS


Gamdias brings us a new entry into the budget market. Taking their growing name and popularity and keeping true

to their consumers by filling the plate with devices for everyone’s appetites. The original Demeter I looked at about

a year ago (from the time of this review) didn’t compel me, or inspire me, nor did it make me feel like it was a worthwhile investment.


The re-boot of the Demeter (The E1) is very much similar to the original Demeter I am familiar with.

Aesthetically it isn’t mind blowing, but it offers a unique and sleek design that I feel easily exceeds

the price. It features a nice ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) coating and feels

like a soft smooth rubber while being easy to grip. Both sides of the mouse are a reinforced

plastic construction, textured but no fancy grip. The texture makes it easy enough to hold.




While it features an asymmetrical design it only has one button on either side

which serve as independent operation buttons. One is ‘forward’ one is ‘backwards’

where we may usually see these next to each other on one or both

(ambidextrous designs) sides, the Demeter E1 limits you to choose, or acclimate to dual side usage.

The cable is non-braided, and features a standard nickel plated USB connection,

standard and no over the top frills there. I can appreciate this for the price

as the important areas are covered to give this inexpensive mouse the edge up on cheap

competitors, and off brand no name market pickups.


The switches are more than likely Huyu Switches, rated for 3 million

click life cycle. And the 3200DPI sensor is likely the commonly used Avago ADNS-3050.

The 3050 is an appropriately used sensor and qualifies itself for entry level gaming, and is dependable as well as accurate. So to state simply and again, we are not looking at anything mind blowing, but we are looking at some solid choices for the low price.

The 3050 is a bright optical sensor that does do something I dislike.

When it is not properly encased within a product, it adds a staggering illumination while it tracks.

I don’t like the extra bright red it causes to happen which is visible through the switches on both side, and more notably the scroll wheel.

The DPI switch is easy to find and use to swap profiles on the fly, and it is unidirectional.

You click through in escalation, if you pass, you click through again until you’re on your setting.

I think adding on screen tracking like EVGA does with their mice would be an optimal idea.

So when you click, the DPI displays on overlay in game or even on desktop, what setting you are at.

‘What sets the mouse apart from other $20 mice?’



It comes with basic but qualifying hardware, and this makes it a great

purchase even by itself for someone with not a lot to spend. Besides that though it comes shipped with Nyx E1. Like a small bonus.

The Nyx E1 is a great small gaming mouse pad with dual layer fabrics.

It provides a great easy gliding experience (sounds dirty doesn’t it?) that I would like to try implemented on a larger scale.


The Nyx E1 is going to be used by this reviewer as a portable on the go mouse pad for gaming when away.



That leads me to the thought of ‘on the go.’

If you travel and want a mouse and mouse pad combo, by a reputable brand,

without having to unplug everything you have carefully cable managed just to take with you,

then arm yourself with the Demeter Nyx E1 combo for twenty bucks and make it part of your portable arsenal.

Great work Gamdias at re-inventing, and re-introducing this mouse into the lineup where it fills a much needed to be filled void.

Guys I hope you find this review helpful, always feel free to contact me with any questions.

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Video Review: Coming soon!