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GAMDIAS Gaming Art in Motion


Taiwanese manufacturer of gaming peripherals GAMDIAS Technology has presented the country thanks to an exclusive contract with the distributor Lancom Bulgaria, which started offering products of the brand from next month.


Fans of computer video games in the country will soon have another family of specialized gaming peripherals from class . This became possible after the Bulgarian provider of network equipment and computer peripherals Lancom Bulgaria has signed an exclusive agreement to distribute the manufacturer's products GAMDIAS Technology in our country. Expected landing of this brand in the country to provide the Bulgarian gaming community a wide range of professional products , whether for racing electronic sports or entertainment generally .


Taiwanese technology company boasts that it was founded in 2012 by avid gamers, and in the design team there are people who have won the prestigious international award for product design Red Dot. As can be expected, GAMDIAS is focused on the production of gaming peripherals of the highest class - mice, keyboards, headsets, gaming gloves, mouse pads and more. The company now sells its products in over 30 countries worldwide and has offices in the U.S. and China, and will soon open and those in the European Union, Japan and Russia.


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