Adapt Your Way through Challenges To Become a True Champion


EREBOS Laser and EREBOS Optical Gaming Mouse


This year in September, GAMDIAS top-of-the-line gaming mice, EREBOS Laser and EREBOS Optical will be on the market giving fans tons of rave about.


As a GAMDIAS gamer, you now have the freedom to adjust your gaming style by customizing the 3 sets of Ray-shaped, interchangeable magnetic side panels that comes with EREBOS gaming mouse. Having that option to adapt to maximize play comfort during a long-winded battle could simply be the sole difference between victory and defeat.


A weight tuning system at the bottom enables you to personalize your grip style. It has 8200 DPI(laser)/ 3500 DPI(optical) and 256K9(laser)/ 64K(optical) built-in memory, which allows gamers to store up to 6 profiles. 8 programmable keys for you to modify your weapon to outclass your enemies everywhere you go. If you are a MMO, RPG, RTS and FPS gamer, EREBOS gaming mouse is your best choice.