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EROS V2 and HEBE V2 Gaming Headset


Ever had an experience of wearing one headset while playing games and changing to another headset when listening to music with your mobile? This year in September, GAMDIAS gives you the optimized, high quality headsets, EROS V2 and HEBE V2. Fully compatible with PS4, and 2 types of connector can be used on smart devices or computers for wider applications. They offer you the exclusive features never seen before on the planet.


Upgraded version of EROS and HEBE, EROS V2 and HEBE V2 are with featherweight leather headband which guarantees the extreme comfort for extended gaming sessions, and the uni-directional microphone provides crystal clear sound to your teammates.


7.1 virtual surround sound EROS V2 provides the realism in gaming situations, and it is also capable of taking you on a journey when watching movies at home. Listening to music is likewise a treat now with GAMDIAS employing 50mm professional gaming-level NdFeB magnet drivers to enhance the overall audio quality to reach the top, plus a rich bass that produces great balance and depth to every note that is played.


Want to gain an advantage on your opponents before the game even starts? Just make sure you are armed with HEBE V2, then may your enemies rest in peace. A massive attention is drawn to comfort and durability, hence the light-weight construction plus the large circumaural leatherette cushioned ear cups, be it in the first minute or the tenth hour of gaming, fatigue shall not be an issue at all.