Epsilon CoD:Ghosts Team Won the 2nd Place at Gfinity 3


Epsilon CoD:Ghosts team is the best in Europe


Epsilon eSports took out FaZe 3-1. In one of the more impressive victories of the day, Epsilon ended the series with an over 70-point win on Domination/Octane. The only European team entering Sunday's action, Epsilon eSports managed to make it all the way to the Grand Finals.


So for the third straight time at a Gfinity tournament, the Grand Finals saw a North American team facing off against a European team. For Epsilon, who have proven themselves numerous times within the European scene, it was a chance to finally claim a championship against a field of North American teams. Epsilon ended with Gfinity G3 2nd place! Congratulations!!!



Gfinity 3


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