Please refer to your model product page to see if it support the HERA software and firmware. If it doesn't, all the functions are preset.

If the model only supports the windows driver, it does not have extra driver. Please refer to the model product page to see if it supports HERA softwawre.

Use the DPI button to set the DPI. Check the manual to see further information.

The HERA software, developed by GAMDIAS, is a Green product. You can use it without installation. It's easy to carry around because you can save it on any removable storage device. It uses few system resources and leaves no record in your computer registry after it has been uninstalled. Just click and run the "hera.exe" file in your HERA software folder and you are ready to set it up for use. Tips: Do the following to set your HERA software to run automatically after the computer has been started: Press the WinKey (the key between Ctrl and Alt in the lower left corner of the keyboard) and press R to open the "Run" dialog; type shell: startup and press OK. The "Start" folder will now be displayed, right click the hera.exe file and select "Copy" in the popup window, right click inside the "Start" folder and select "Paste as shortcut" in the popup window, the HERA software will now run automatically each time the computer is started.

Open the HERA program, click the "Update/support" page to the left. The current version of your HERA software will display to the right of "HERA edition". Click the "Check update" option at the bottom and the latest HERA version number will be displayed to the right. If your software is an older version, click "Update" to autorun the download and install the update. The "Update" option will not be displayed if your software is already the latest edition.

(1) Make sure the USB connector on the mouse lead is firmly inserted in the PC USB port. (2) Make sure the USB connector on the computer is properly installed. (3) Make sure the USB wire is not twisted, damaged or broken. (4) Try connecting the mouse to another USB port on the computer. (5) Contact us if the problem persists.

This is normal with the HERA software that some of the setup fnctions may run only with it is installed. Here are some examples: (1) Setup file function: Setup file autoswitch and setup file switch key. (2) Shortcut key: Fast start function, open other multimedia players, open Skype and OTF instant recording, display configuration map, and call HERA. (3) Sound effects and timer function.

Please DO NOT modify and/or disassemble any GAMDIAS products. Your warranty will be void by any adjustments or abnormal use.

No, our mouse only supports the USB interface. Using it with a USB-to-PS/2 adapter would lead to incorrect operation.

(1) Make sure the USB connector of the mouse is properly installed. (2) The mouse might become unstable when it connects to an unpowered USB hub or one with too many connected devices, which will cause the available current to fall below 250mA. Please try connecting the mouse to another USB port. (3) Contact us if the problem persists.

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