Effortless Move

Wide gaming surface with carbon fiber texture, this gaming desk provides a spacious and smooth area to create the best gaming experience.




Flexible Gear Holder

Beneath the table top, there is a cup holder and a headset holder on DAEDALUS E2 . This gaming table assists and manages your desktop setup and creates a suitable gaming environment.


Adjustable Balance Knobs

With four adjustable feet knobs, DAEDALUS E2 can compensate for uneven ground levels to help keep that desktop level during the game play.




High Quality Construction

Made of scratch-resistant Particle Board (PB) and premium steel frame, the DAEDALUS E2 aims to be as sturdy as possible, accompanying you to countless game battles.


DAEDALUS E2 Overview

"Building up a comfortable gaming environment!"

Building up a comfortable gaming environment! ""
DAEDALUS E2 features in carbon fiber surface, a cup holder design and four adjustable feet knobs to keep your gaming environment on a solid level.


  • Carbon Fiber Surface
  • Steel Frame Construction
  • Cup Holder / Headset Holder


Frame Steel
Length 120 cm 47"
Width 60 cm 24"
Height 75 cm 30"
Max. Load 100 kg / 220 lbs