NYX  Control type (L) 402x279


Many gamers may view mouse mats as less essential than the rest of the gaming peripherals. However, that is not the case here at GAMDIAS as we believe mouse mat plays a crucial part in your overall gaming performance. The unique honeycomb fabrics on NYX CONTROL EDITION provide a uniformly vertical and horizontal movement resistance that offers optimal control and precision to accurately target through playing countless micro intensive games. Our considerate design team also gave NYX wear-resistant edge stitching to improve durability, so the mouse mat may be at your service for many more gaming years to come.
NYX  Speed type (L) 402x279


Every game is different in its own way, and everyone has different preferences on their mouse, whether it is high or low, laser or optical. Nevertheless, GAMDIAS has prepared you to face all these variables with NYX gaming mouse mat. NYX SPEED EDITION is designed with solid double-layered fabrics that provide a perfect surface for rapid mouse movements. NYX also comes with a rubberized base to firmly grab onto the desk as you glide the mouse around rigorously for hours. With the assistance of NYX SPEED EDITION, targeting enemies and taking down those all-important headshots in a wild shootout is no longer a question of how but when.
NYX P2 RGB 402x279


Having hard time finding the right mouse mat? NYX P2 gives you two alternative choices at the same time! Don’t bother yourself with different game styles, whatever games you play; NYX P2 always gives you the most fitting gaming experience.
NYX P3 RGB 402x279

NYX P3 Multi-Colored Gaming Mouse Mat

A large myriad of gamers often oversee the crucial role that a Gaming Mouse Mat could take on in comparison to the rest of the existing gaming peripherals --- which, might not be the case at Mt. Olympus. Kicking in with its 10 ultra-dazzling addressable built-in multi-colored adjustable LED effects, extra-elongated mat stature, reinforced 'Non-Skid' rubber-back, alongside of its exquisitely engineered textile surface that offers optimal control and precision to your mouse movements, the NYX P3 Multi-Colored Gaming Mouse Mat will be taking YOUR gaming experience into a whole new stratosphere of excitement!
NYX P1 402x279


The NYX P1 is a high performance, specialised mousepad offers massive measurements that can accommodate both keyboard and mouse. The specialized, reinforced texture design offers absolute steady and precise mouse operation for both low and high sensitivity players.