All News 2021-11-22

Glamourize your setup with the all-new AEOLUS M2-1204R ELITE: A 4-in-1 ARGB fan combo with 2 ARGB LED strips.
Our AEOLUS fan lineup has always been about providing better cooling and build experience for your PC. We decided to add another fan combo to the lineup with additional LED ARGB light strips along with a 4 PWM fan pack combo to give you more customizations on the cooling and lighting of your rigs. The contents of the products include our AEOLUS M2 trio-ring ARGB fans with PWM function, 2 additional LED light strips to sync your environment along with your fans via the included AEOLUS box and controller.

The AEOLUS fan series has always been one of the top-quality budget fans you can get on the market. We strive to improve every aspect of the fans while keeping the price just right for users to upgrade their builds without care.
Enhance the Performance
The AEOLUS M2 fans, with the new PWM function included, are very competitive on the market for performance and aesthetics. The brand new AEOLUS PWM 120mm fans stand out among the case fans with higher airflow regulation and customizability. And with the included AEOLUS box, the fans can be easily customized via the remote included, including its lighting and fan speed regulation.
Improve the Brilliance
The AEOLUS M2 fans take on a triple looped ring design, and as the saying goes: "More RGB more power!". With another additional 4 ARGB fans into your setup, you won't have to worry about the brilliance of your PC. Not only that, but it is also compatible with motherboard aura sync, giving you the best RGB experience you can have in a setup.

The ELITE version of our AEOLUS M2 1204R also includes 2 additional ARGB LED strips along with the fans. These LED strips can also aura sync with your motherboard and exhibit group lighting effects, providing vivid illumination of your rigs. Give yourself the best lighting experience possible with the AEOLUS M2-1204R ELITE!
  • Trio-Loop ARGB PWM fan
  • Includes 2 ARGB LED Strips
  • Supports Motherboard Sync Functionality
  • Remote To Switch Between 55 Lighting Effects
  • PWM AEOLUS Box Supports Up to 8 fans & 2 LED Strips
  • Hydraulic Bearing
  • SATA Power Connector

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