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HERMES M6: The Voguish White Mechanical Keyboard for all!
The aluminum-bezel-styled metallic front plate has been the trademark of the GAMDIAS HERMES series since 2017. Every one of our HERMES keyboards has been constantly refined and improved throughout the years to give each and every one of our product users not only the best gaming experience possible but pleasing to the eye and maybe your wallet. And with the HERMES M6, you get a premium mechanical keyboard that features all of the signatures of our GAMDIAS mechanical keyboard and more!
The color white has been the go-to color in the gaming industry that promotes elegance and minimalism compared to the likes of RGB peripherals that promotes a grandiose and brilliant theme. And when we decided to combine the two, you get a premium mechanical keyboard that promotes functionality, looks, and fanciness.

The HERMES M6 is crafted meticulously with GAMDIAS's signature aluminum-bezel front plate, proudly boasting a solid front plate with a refined metallic-textured touch-up on the edges of the keyboard. With a milky backplate to promote the wintry vibe and elegant aesthetics.

The mechanical keyboard features pure white keycaps on top of our GAMDIAS Certified Mechanical Gaming Switches, easily offering up to 50 million keystrokes while providing very efficient and tactile feedback, currently available in our GAMDIAS blue switches.

It brings rich and vivid illumination to your build with its brilliant multi-color backlighting with seven built-in lighting effects. Finished with two icy blue LED strip lighting on both sides of the keyboard with its own built-in lighting effects to keep the icy cold theme without losing its elegance.
  • GAMDIAS Certified Mechanical Switches
  • Multi colors backlights
  • 7 lighting effects
  • Anti-ghosting with N-key rollover
  • Ergonomic design
  • Aluminum bezel
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