All News 2021-10-04

The stealthy and efficient HELIOS M1-850B power supply is now available for purchase.
Another great opportunity to get a high quality power supply unit for a great in-class price! A new addition of another stealthy power supply to our HELIOS power supply family that not only has better pricing, but also better cable management and performance.

The HELIOS M1-850B is a high quality stealth fan that can deliver up to 85% efficiency while automatically adjusting its fan speed according to the temperature of your rig. Even with its ecomical price while sitting at 850 watts, it has a high build quality with its flat black cables and 80 PLUS bronze certification to convert more than enough energy to run your rig!
Why choose the HELIOS M1-850B?
80 PLUS Bronze Certification
It is known that efficiency rating reflects how much power is retained on transfer, not build quality. HELIOS M1-850B, with an 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency rating, is a safe and lasting first-rate power supply unit that transfers energy at a high rate of 85% efficiency.

A Smart Ventilation
The stealthy power supply unit supports fan speed optimization function which adjusts its fan speed automatically according to the temperature and the load of the PC.

The Cable Management
With the flat black cables of the PSU, the power supply becomes much more easier to install as the cables feature clutter reduction, ease of access cable installation, and increases the overall airflow within the case!

A cost-efficienct, high build quality GAMDIAS PSU is avalible now!
  • Meets 80 PLUS Bronze Efficiency
  • Black Flat Cables
  • Automatic Fan Speed Optimization
  • APFC with PF value of 0.99
  • Support C6/C7 Power States
  • Stealth Black

For more information, please visit here.
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